See what people are saying about our revolutionary estate portfolio

… I just started using this portfolio and it’s easy to follow. All I have to do is fill in the forms. I would have never thought of needing to know the blood type of my husband and children, but now I think about it, they may need an operation or be in an accident where they need this information quickly.
— Linda B
My wife and I are working together to get all this information into the book before something happens. My biggest problem is taking the time away from other little things to get this done. We’re spending a lot of time getting organized, which is good, but sometimes I still feel overwhelmed at the things I have left to organize…
— Dennis S
… I have been procrastinating gathering all this information, but know that I will need it some day. This portfolio has been helping me organize and look for information that I have scattered all over the house. I can see if I were to die, my wife would have a really hard time finding everything. This concept is great! Thanks for taking the time and effort to create such an important tool.
— Steve W
We think this portfolio is so important that we are giving it to our grandkids as wedding presents with the encouragement to start on it immediately when they are just starting life together. We wish we had been given something like this when we first started out. It would have saved a lot of time and anxiety now.
— Bev D
Why hasn’t some thought of this before? I can’t believe how complete it is. I’m buying one for my sister in Idaho for Christmas. I think this is the best present I could give her.
— Byron C
I just spend 6 weeks helping my mother after just burying my dad. Had they had this portfolio, my time would have been better spent visiting and comforting instead of hunting for documents, files, and legal papers.
— Tom S