After the Emergency - What Then?

After the Emergency – What Then?


Week after week we view the national news seeing one natural disaster after another.   Today Haiti, Cuba, Burmuda Islands, and the east coast of Florida and the Carolinas face Hurricane Mitchell which is one of the strongest in 10 years.  Governors and federal officials have issued evacuation notices and states of emergency.   Yet some individuals think they are invincible.  They think they can out last the storm.  Others slip into utter panic, grabbing whatever they can, packing what ever they can grab and pack it into their vehicle then "head for the hills."  In both situations, lack of good judgement and proper preparation result in significant physical and mental suffering.

After the Hurricane

After the Hurricane

This scenario has been played out in flooding along the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys.  It has been played out in the tornados in Texas, Oklahoma, and the upper Midwest.  Earthquakes in Oklahoma, California and miscellaneous locations throughout North and South America, repeat the same result.  Devastating fires in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Colorado have completely destroyed homes and all their possessions accumulated over a lifetime.  Precious mementos such as photos, family histories and collectibles have all been lost.  Thousands of people affected by these disasters have no clue how or where to start putting their lives back together.  Had they made some basic preparations, as has been continually been voiced through the media, FEMA, and other government and community organizations, many hours of emotional stress could have been eliminated or minimized.


What are you doing to prepare for the unexpected? 

Do you have an emergency plan? 

What will you take if you only had minutes to vacate? 

Could you prove your losses to the insurance company or the ownership of your land, autos and other possessions? 

What about having needed medications with you should you be forced from you home for days or weeks?


Where will you start?   Do you have a plan for AFTER the Emergency?