Hurricane Matthew has now turned out to sea.  Not without leaving behind devastated landscapes, destruction of real estate and shattered lives.  According to news reports 30+ individuals have lost their lives.  Estimates of losses total in the billions of dollars.  Emotional scars will be felt for years to come.  The effects of Matthew are not just confined to the Atlantic Coast line.  Extended family members through out the country and the world are undoubtedly affected, emotionally as well as financially and physically.  

Most of those located along the East Coast gave heed to the warnings to evacuate with sufficient time to make proper preparations.  Others considered themselves 'invincible' and would not leave. 

I read an article entitled: North Carolina braces for more flooding in downstream towns, written by Jonathan Drew and Emery P. Dalesio, ct 11, 2016.  Quoting from that article:

"Tens of thousands of people, some of them as much as 125 miles inland, have been warned to move to higher ground since the hurricane drenched the state with more than a foot of rain over the weekend during a run up the East Coast.

"An angry Governor Pat McCory asked people to stop ignoring evacuation orders and driving around barricades on flooded roads: 'That is unacceptable!  You are not only putting your life in danger, you are putting emergency responders lives in jeopardy'.

Why is it that we think we know better?

Why Do We Think We Are INVINCIBLE?


Quoting again from the Article:

"Ada Page, 74, spent two nights sleeping in a hard plastic folding chair at a shelter put together hastily...  She complained she didn't even have her childrens' telephone numbers with her.  'I left at home all my clothes, everything.   The only thing I have is this child, my eight year old granddaughter who I take care of, and what I was driving'."

Knowing that hurricane Matthew was classified as one of the most potentially devastating in the past 10 years, why don't people give heed to the warnings.  For Ada and many others, part, if not all their physical possessions have been destroyed.  Will she be able to recover emotionally as well as physically?  Hopefully she will, but it may take years.