Just 15 Minutes !!

During the past several weeks we have been watching and listening to national news broadcasts updating the conditions of Wild Fires in the Western United States.  


According to the US Forest Service as of August 16th, the Chelan, Washington fire had destroyed 50 homes.  

California Wildfires


In Oregon “about a dozen major fires have scorched some 470 square miles and left at least 1,000 residents under evacuation.  In one of the fiercestfires, hundreds of people were ordered from home over the weekend in central Oregon, where a cluster of wildfires dubbed the Canyon Creek Complex destroyed 26 dwellings and continued to threaten hundreds of other structures.”  [Reported by Steve Gorman of Reuters.]


If you received a knock on your door by an emergency officer requiring you vacate in 15 minutes, what would you assemble?  Would you grab various items of little consequence?   Would you have the presence of mind to secure important documents, photos, medical records, essential medications, and insurance policies?  Would you spend the full 15 minutes trying to find these essentials? 


With proper preparation and help from “My Estate Portfolio” you could “grab these essential documents and valuables in just seconds, leaving the remaining 14 minutes to gather other items needed such as food, clothing, bedding, and emergency supplies.