I Wish I Had....

All too often I hear a friend or an acquaintance say,  “I wish I had ….”  or  “If only I had….”     None of us can be absolutely prepared for every event which might impact our lives.   Too often, however, we really aren’t prepared for much of any type of disruption.

Last week my wife and I took a trip for a family event.  It was some 300 miles away.   Before leaving, I was impressed to check the tire pressure on our car, which I did.  Everything looked okay, but the gage was showing a little low for each tire.  Giving no further thought, the trip was made.  However, upon leaving for our return home, the instrument panel light displayed low tire pressure.   That wouldn’t have been much of problem, but it was raining hard.  To be safe and ease my worries, we stopped at the first convenience store, I pressurized each tire to its proper level.  HOWEVER,  I suffered the inconvenience and discomfort of traveling  the 300miles home in damp clothing



Isn’t it funny how after the disruption or tragedy we remember  “if only I had …”

.How prepared are you for unexpected events?