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I just finished reading several news reports describing the devastation incurred by two dozen families located 120 East of Seattle in the Wenatchee, Washington Area.  Fire fighters thought they had these homes secured but “the wildfire fueled by high temperatures and strong winds roared into town Sunday afternoon.   The blaze ignited the brush just outside Wenatchee, quickly burning out of control…”   [AP posting see below]

Fire can be devastating and quickly destroy a life time of  work.

“Tom Bryant surveyed the smoldering ruins of his home in the hills above Wenatchee and said he and his wife had to race out of the house at the last minute as the fire advanced Sunday night.

On Monday, he pointed to the Mustang sports car that was a burned wreck and to his BMW motorcycle that was destroyed in the garage.

‘It’s going to be tough to replace .. It hurts, but it’s only stuff.  It’s painful.’  He was unable to save photographs and important documents.   Bryant said ‘That’s where all our stuff  is’  pointing to a burned file cabinet”

                    -Nicholas Geranios & Donna Blankinship, AP

Read the entire article:

I think of the vast amount of pain and devastation which has left this community realing from the Unexpected.  This is only one incident illustrating where the lives of thousands are left homeless.   Many are desperately trying to put their lives back together.   The majority are trying to do so from memory because most or all of their documents and personal items were lost or destroyed.

No one ever thinks that a calamity with befall them.  That is good --- from the perspective that we all need to be positive, particularly where we are daily bombarded with negativism.   None of us can be absolutely prepared for every event which might impact our lives, but too often we really aren’t prepared for much of any type of disruption.

A major disaster may not destroy your possessions or take away precious mementos, but the death of a loved one, a home fire, a flood or an accident can cause just as much damage as a major event.

It only takes a few moments a day to start putting your documents, important papers, photos and personal property in a safe but easily accessible place.   A few moments today may save many hours and days of painful tomorrows.


My Estate Portfolio is the answer to helping you organize, prepare and store documents, photos and personal information.  At a moment’s notice you can preserve valuable information which will be required for putting your life or a loved one’s live back together.