Getting "Round To It"

A number of years ago we used to have a ‘round’  coin shaped object about the size of a silver dollar.  On one side it had printed: “TuIt”   on the other side it had “Do It Now”.   We used to carry it in our pockets as a ‘reminder’ and also as an incentive to STOP PROCRASTINATING. 

Round Tuit.jpg

We have some dear friends who have been going through some very difficult times.   This couple is approximately the same age as my wife and I – just a little younger.   She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer approximately 6 months ago.  A month or so ago, they came to me seeking some information and help with organizing their various assets, documents, etc. by using our system and portfolio we had created entitled [ My Estate Portfolio ].   Unfortunately we both procrastinated several weeks trying to schedule a block of time to start.   Interestingly, they had created a “Bucket List” of things they wanted to accomplish together before her life ended.   The last item was a trip to see their children and friends, some of which lived in the mid-west.  They made the trip.  They said it was wonderful, however it had weakened her physical condition significantly.   Upon arriving home she took a turn for the worse.  The cancer had spread rapidly within the week resulting in only several days left. She passed away this morning.

Her husband is now left with trauma and stress of finding documents, filing legal papers, dealing with final arrangements, and worst of all facing the loneliness of losing his companion.

I have learned two lessons from this experience:

First, having a ‘bucket list’ is an excellent idea.   Just don’t “procrastinate” getting them checked off the list. Second, procrastinating, both on my part and on theirs, has a significant impact on him and his family’s life.  I also am sharing some guilt for failing to act sooner. 

We do not realize how quickly our lives can change.  When it suddenly does, it is too late.  Our Motto certainly has applied here:   “Proper Preparation Precedes – Peace of Mind

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