About Us

The idea which was the foundation for the creation of My Estate Portfolio – Estate & Emergency Organizer Kit began in 1999 as the world prepared for Y2K.  Numerous discussions with friends, relatives and business associates all focused on preparing for the “what if”.   Questions were raised as to the importance of vital documents – their storage, accessibility, and completeness should a disaster occur or a loved one be taken.

This project intensified after watching and reading of the numerous tragedies resulting from the Atlantic  hurricanes, such as Katrina, Rita and Irene; the devastating fires in Southern California and Texas; the flooding along the Mississippi River and its tributaries; and the tornadoes throughout the Midwest and South eastern communities.

We began the formal creation of the kit in 2006.  We have focused on two significant events which may or will affect your life.  First, an event surrounding a loved one’s passing and leaves an estate which requires documents to be filed, wills to be located, and taxes to be paid.  Second, emergencies which require a hasty evacuation of your home where most everything must be left behind.


  • Guides you in locating and organizing your documents
  • Is comprehensive and can be stored in one location
  • Is portable
  • Is affordable
  • Is adjustable and expandable

Mr. DeGooyer  has 35 years of experience dealing with finance, real estate and business development.  During this period Ray has also been involved in counseling families during tragedies, financial stress, budgeting, personal and career development and goal setting.  

Our goal is to assist you in minimizing your emotional stress and providing peace of mind by creating the “My Estate Portfolio”.


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