What is My Estate Portfolio?

My Estate Portfolio will organize all your critical and important personal and family documents into one easy-to-use, accessible binder and expandable file.

This easily identifiable package consists of an attractive, useful binder with tabbed dividers identifying important sections categorized with blank forms for filling in important data.  

Optional additions include:

  • an expandable file folder for storing your legal documents
  • a 4gb Flash Drive containing the blank forms for duplication and updating your information

Tabbed sections are organized into the following:

  • Personal and Family Documents
  • Medical Information
  • Pets
  • Digital Data Records / Passwords
  • Wills, Trusts, and Final Instructions
  • Personal Financial Documents
  • Insurance Information and Policies
  • Real Estate
  • Investment Summaries
  • Business Interests
  • Personal Property
  • Miscellaneous Documents

Why You Need This  Portfolio 


Disasters happen.  What if -- you must vacate your residence on short notice without any assurance that you will return to find anything intact or recoverable.  Unexpected: 

  • Floods 
  • Wild Fires
  • House Fires 
  • Tornados
  • Earthquakes

have also driven residents from their homes.  Without adequate documentation you have little or no proof of losses or ownership.

Should any of these situations occur in the middle of the night, would you have the presence of mind to collect all the important files, documents and papers to keep your life intact.  


Death is inevitable.  When you or a household member dies, the surviving spouse/partner or other family member will spend many hours and possibly days searching for:

  • vital information
  • documentation
  • files
  • wills
  • deeds
  • bank account numbers
  • insurance policies  

It is not uncommon for surviving children to spend weeks sifting through paperwork looking for legal papers to assist them in closing an estate.  

Incapacity is a Possibility


Occasionally a loved one must be declared and/or placed in assisted living care resulting from:

  • an accident
  • dementia 
  • Alzheimer’s 

which affects their ability to remember and reason.  

If you want to save others of many agonizing hours of frustration, this portfolio will help you organize and bring peace of mind.  Remember:   

Proper Preparation Precedes – Peace of Mind

Selling features:

  • Most comprehensive resource currently on the market
  • Organized in such a manner to allow you flexibility and yet comprehensive data
  • Compact assembly of your documents and data which is easily located in one place.
  • Online web site provides informative articles, suggestions, ideas, for preparing for events of the future.
  • Periodic updates of forms and new ideas for storing personal data.
  • Selling Price is only $74.95 plus shipping and handling.
  •  We take credit cards